Featuring Your Artwork on Custom Clothing

Are you tired of seeing the same old T-shirt design on everybody walking down the street? Maybe you’re even tired of seeing the same old T-shirt designs every time you open your dresser drawer. There’s good news.

Bring Out The ‘Artiste’ In You

Are you constantly doodling on a napkin or a piece of paper? Do people tell you that you really should be an artist and get paid for your works? Maybe it’s time to advertise your works on your clothing. There are websites where it is possible to have anything you want printed on a T-shirt. If you send them your design, logo, saying or whatever—they will print it on a T-shirt for you. If what you want printed is considered vulgar or obscene you might have a little bit harder time searching for just the right printers. Many printers include disclaimers in their advertisements regarding such.

“We Print Almost Anything”

There are websites that will print almost anything provided you own the rights to it. If it’s your art, you’re going to want the rights to it; believe me. Of course how to go about getting the rights to something that you create is a whole other article, but you can find tips on it online through a search. Don’t bother sending them something that someone has already copyrighted; they won’t print it for you.

You can leave that to the printers that insist on censoring the shirts that they print; like that discussed in the 2nd paragraph.

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